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Masks are a thing, and they will be for a while!

So why not make the most of the situation?
Our products are guaranteed 
to turn heads, spark conversation, and generate all sorts of feel-good vibes!


About Us

It's really plain and simple!  With all the face masks out there in the making, Swizzle & Chill was created to bring the feel-good vibes to you during these unprecedented times.  Who says that face masks have to be boring?  Swizzle & Chill understands that wearing a mask can be boring for those expressive-faced souls, so we thought that we would help to fix that problem.  While people can't see your face in it's  entirety, the mask you sport can speak volumes for you.  We hope that these masks bring smiles and humor to you and those around you.  After all, that was one of our sole purposes in brainstorming up these creations.


As it should be, these masks were designed and created with comfort and quality in mind.  

100% Cotton


(hand preferred)

Hang or lay flat

to Dry

Mask Guideline Approved

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Pembroke, Bermuda

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