Because you simply can't suck your teeth, roll your eyes, and have the entire process noticed (and you want it to be!).  Not to worry, the CHOOKS face mask will help you with that.  A long standing Bermudian word, that will be sure to get its point across when spotted by the onlooker.  If anything else, it is bound to start great conversations and generate laughs!  When you find yourself not being able to express yourself clearly, in the typical Bermudian way you would (pre mask), let your mask do the work for you.


Please note:

**As with all designs, we have limited stock.**


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Black: Black
  • Triple-layered, 100% cotton face mask, perfected with feel-good vibes.

    Ultra soft, triple-layer cotton face panel. 

    Elastic ear-loops, for the perfect hold-in-place design.

    Ultra lightweight and BREATHABLE!

    Handcrafted with care and attention to detail.