It's My Birthday (KID'S)

These times are so unpredictable, which also means that your mini has most likely spend one or more of his or her birthdays either in quarantine or with lots of limitations.  This makes it hard for your little one to bask in what's THEIR DAY to shine!  We've attempted to pick up the pieces of what's remaining, in hopes to make their day a little more special, and publisized to the world... because this is the way it should be!


Sizing is recommended for kid's up to the age of 12.  Our masks are made up of 100% breatheable cotton, and have a slight stretch, allowing them to conform to the face and individual.  If in doubt on sizing for an older kid, we recommend buying an adult mask.


Please note:

**As with all designs, we have limited stock.**

It's My Birthday (KID'S)

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