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We know that shopping can be frustrating and limiting at times, so we curated a way to help fill the void.  Swizzle & Chill is your one-stop-shop for personal shopping, styling, and concierge services, no matter where on the globe you are.  Our service journey commences in the United States, personally catering to you, while in the comfort of your own space.

No matter the occasion, we have tried to make your needs, wants, and desires undoubtably attainable.  All of our services provide intentional and personalised experiences.  We're here for you, your needs, and then some, because above and beyond is part of our DNA.

Our Services


Personal Shopping

Whether you need something specific, a laundry list of many things, or just want to browse your options... we're here for you!  We will complete any shopping task given to us, and with the highest level of customer service, attention to detail, and efficiency possible.  Our dedication to your request's success is priority, no matter how big or small the assignment.  We've got you!


Personal Concierge

Have a peculiar request?  Need something that is completely unattainable from your current standpoint on-island, and need a middle man?  That is why we're here!  We can shop-for, intercept, package, ship, or just about anything else you want us to do in order to make sure you get what you want, without having to purchase travel arrangements to make it happen.


Personal Styling

In need of some styling advice for a special event, milestone, or maybe just because?  You've come to the right place.  With what seems like a lifetime of experience in this industry, trust, admiration, and ability have most definitely been both earned and granted on our end.  We are here to personally, privately, and virtually meet, discuss, and execute what suits your occasion or desires.



Professional Buying

Professional buying is definitely something we have under our belt, and all backed by 15 years of professional experience.  If you are a local company and are in need of someone to fulfil a single-occasion buying assignment, or maybe are in need of an overseas buyer on a contract basis, this is more than attainable on our end.

These services are offered on a specific-needs, company-specific basis.



Professional Concierge

Beyond buying, we are also more than happy (and able!) to assist with ANY tailored services you might need, and would be more than happy to discuss.  With ample hands-on, local business operations experience, we understand that some things are more easily attainable with a contact on the other end.  

These services are offered on a specific-needs, company-specific basis.

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