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Personal Concierge

Girl Holding Shopping Bags

Let us help make whatever is weighing your emotions, a little (or a lot!) lighter.  Frustrated because you're in need of a physical intervention in order to purchase something online from a specific retailer?  We are here for you, and we understand!  

Below are a few ideas of way we can help!  Please note that if there is something not listed, please email us, as this is just an guideline of ideas and possibilities.

What We


Luxury Goods "Middle Man"

Many retailers, luxury stores especially, will not ship to a freight-forwarder, therefore making it impossible to order something online.  We will receive, inspect (if desired), and forward your package to Bermuda.


Product Research/Scouting

Looking for the perfect product, but need a little bit of product research done before your decision is made?  We are more than able to assist with this, and whatever it is that you're looking for... detailed analysis included.


Product "Middle Man"

There are many stores out there that will not ship to a freight-forwarder, therefore making it next-to-near impossible for you to order... until now.  We will gladly be your middle man, and then forward on to you in Bermuda.


General Services

We are literally here for you and your personal needs, helping to turn your frustrations into celebrations.  We know exactly how island-living can be, and our goal is to take the stress out of it.  Send us message with your specific request, and we will collaborate with you to find a way.

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