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Transparency is Everything To Us!

Every assignment is personal, stringing along various moving factors specific to that particular assignment.  While our prices below reflect all possibilities, it is important to note that not every assignment will need them.

All pricing and its counterparts will be discussed in the initial consultation.


From first communication, to the arrival on your doorstep...
Here are our rates.

Complimentary Consultation


Let's Get Started


Per Additional Hour Needed


Handling Fee

$10 - $30

Shipping Fee

To Be Determined

Welcome (again!), and we look forward to meeting with you to discuss any and everything you might be looking to accomplish through our services.

•  2-Hour minimum begins each Personal Shopping, Concierge*, &/or Styling experience, regardless of the assignment.

•  Includes all media and communication along the way, ensuring you get exactly what you want.

•  Includes strategic consolidation and the physical act of shipping.**

* With the exception of all "Middle Man" Services, which are billed at a set rate of $75, per store receiving from.

**Packaging not included.  Please reference handling fee below.

Every additional hour needed per assignment will be billed separately, per hour.


Please note that this is not the norm, and the majority of assignments will remain within the initial 2-hour inclusive rate.

Our Handling Fee will be determined based on the size of your order, quite literally.  This fee includes all packaging and all paperwork preparations.


Please note that for extremely large orders, if they exceed the higher end of the handling fee listed, we will personally reach out to discuss and come to an agreement.

We have worked really hard (and strategically) to get the best pricing possible for your international shipments, and we are certain you are going to agree.  Having said that, we exclusively use DHL, shipping everything from our doorstep, straight to yours!  


All pricing will be determined on your final products, their strategic consolidation and packaging, and shipping dimensions.  We make no money off of your shipments, therefore reenforcing our goal of packing your things to ensure the best deal possible.  Our discounted rates are 100% passed on to you... our valued customer.

  • Salt & Sand

    Every month
    2 Hours of ANY Personal Service
    • Save $25
    • ($62.50/hour)
    • 2 Hours of Personal Services every month
  • Sunsets & Swizzle

    Every month
    5 hours of ANY Personal Service every month
    • Save $100 per month with this plan
    • ($55/hour)
    • Includes 5 hours of ANY Personal Service

Save with our Monthly Membership options

salt sand sunsets swizzle.png

Book your complimentary consultation

Have something specific in mind?  Let's get started.  It's free to do so.  We will tell you if it's feasible, what your options are, the projected timeframe from start to finish, estimated complete pricing, and so much more.

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