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Personal Styling

Whether you're in need of a complete overhaul, or just a spruce up, you've come to the right place!  With the understanding that island-living can be extremely limiting, we are here to help with a wide-array of options that are literally at our fingertips.

Complete Overhaul

This is for you if you are in need of a completely new wardrobe.

In the process, we can assist in updating your closet to better fit both your current sizing needs and style.


The Spruce

This is for you if you are in need of a few key-piece updates or additions to your current collection.  We can help keep your style options timeless, or assist with on-trend fashions.  All are good choices, and 100% dependant on you.


Event Specific

This is for you if you have a specific event you are in need of being outfitted for.  We can assist from head-to-toe, completing your look to absolute perfection.


Styling It Forward (Maternity)

Maternity can be such a tough buy when living in Bermuda.  This is for the mama-to-be who is in need of a maternity wardrobe, inclusive of essential, practical everyday wear, and anything beyond.


Let's Chat About It!

All services begin with a complimentary video call to go over your needs, wants, desires, and goals... and all with no obligation to move forward.  We just want to better understand what exactly it is that you're looking to obtain from our services, also allowing us the opportunity to toss back and forth various opinions and a potential strategy to get there.

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