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If we haven't already crossed paths, I'm Tiffany, and I absolutely love doing what I do.  You might remember me from the 11-year run of Perry Footwear & Collections, or maybe from the unofficial covid-launch of S&C.  Either way, I remain the same passionate person, ready to serve my beautiful Bermudian clients in whatever way I can, and always with quality and satisfaction at the forefront.

Covid temporarily borrowed the S&C brand, and made the most out of the hand we were dealt at the time.  No one was expecting there to be a pandemic, and unfortunately it took the world (and our tiny island!) by storm.  Me, being an optimist, knew that there would be day when the official brand would come to light and receive it's deserved debut, but for temporary, designing, producing, and hand-delivering quality masks and products was it.  

Now let's jump forward to the present.  Myself, my husband, three boys (ages 13, 4, and 2), and hyper-active puppy all recently moved to Florida.  In the process, my heart felt like it was ripped from my being, and left in a place I will forever call home.  Change is good they say, right?  While time didn't heal quick enough for this impatient woman, it's now been 10 months, and I'm beginning to see a light.  Realising that my connections, talents, passions, and insanely dedicated drive can all be used to better both worlds, and YES, I am talking about yours!

It is literally no secret that living on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic can present a million and one road-blocks, frustrations, and limitations.  Until now.  I am here and dedicated to the stress-free process of getting YOU what you need, want, and choose to "hide from your husband" (we've heard it time and time again.... it never gets old!).  Just remember, we're always on your side, and your back is ours to cover.

With experience in the retail industry, personal styling, the communications industry, and everything business, this concept was a no-brainer!  We are here to personally assist in bridging a gap, and to aid in revolutionising the way Bermuda shops.

Tiffany Perry Theodore

Let’s Work Together

Swizzle & Chill

Florida, USA

Tel: 1-404-966-8423

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