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Why you need a Personal Shopper.

Island Living has it's trials when it comes to getting exactly what you are looking for. Been there done that, and with all the bells, whistles, and frustrations attached. Trust me! So I'm going to cut right to the chase, and explain in a nutshell why hiring a Personal Shopper can be crucial for much more than your end-result satisfaction, but also for your wallet and sanity. Let's get started.

Online Vs. In-Store

Let's start by attempting to erase from the depths of your mind, the myth that online shopping is cheaper than in-store shopping. This couldn't be farther from the truth in current, modern day. I have evidential pictures and extensive occurrences to prove it. Because this myth persists in people's minds (and stronger than ever, might I add), the online industry is using it to their advantage.

Let's start with a very current example. My husband and I were strolling through Target a few weeks ago, like Sunday afternoon drivers, but with a cart and two little kids in tow. We were waltzing up and down every isle just because we could, but also to see what kind of deals we could stumble across to drill our point in deeper. You see, Target is one of those stores known for snatching great deals if you shop in-store, as opposed to online. And so it went, we stumbled across a window air conditioner unit, with a clearance tag attached. While were not in the market for this, it lends credit to my point that in-store can stretch your wallet further if you give it a chance. The price of the AC unit was $53.99, from it's original price of $179.99. Immediately I googled to see if this was on sale anywhere else online, and to my correct assumption, it wasn't. Walmart, Target, literally anywhere and everywhere else (thanks to Google) it was still $179.99, U.S. Retail. The in-store boxes were unopened, brand new, current, and only on clearance in-store at this location. So so so often examples like this are stumbled across, and on more than one occasion our little family has benefited form them. While the world is telling you that everything has migrated to online shopping, it has, but at a potentially higher price.

Shopping personally, in-store, holds many incentives nowadays, as exclusive in-store discounts and pricing are more and more enticing and readily available for physical shoppers. One of the other major benefits of in-store shopping, is being able to shop and receive the product in the same day, without having to pay the potential added expense of shipping to get it to you (or your consolidator). This leads me to the next point of an overall speedier process and strategic consolidation.

Same Day Everything

Yup. This is definitely possible, and what we aim for. Imagine someone taking your list of items needed, personally shopping for all of them at once, then consolidating and shipping everything before the day is done. This is one of the key components that set us apart from someone's normal online shopping and shipping to a consolidator. With this you are shopping, waiting for packages to ship and arrive at a warehouse, get sorted through, then wait for everything else that was ordered to arrive also, consolidate, and finally ship. I mean, what are we talking... two weeks or more for a list of various items from various stores to be received on-island? Providing that Customs is up and running efficiently at the time, you can shop with us and receive your consolidated goods (all of them!) within the span of 4-5 business days. Whew.

The Short Of The Long

In conclusion, you have to weigh the pros and cons of both ways, and what works best for you. While we offer personal convenience, efficiency, and advice (if needed), the only added expense being contributed on our end of things is our service fee. We do not capitalise on your product purchases, the act of consolidation, or shipping. In saying this, you are benefitting so much more, and in a more efficient and (hopefully) stress-free timeframe. The decision is yours. We are here with open arms, ready to embrace your needs when the time is right.



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